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Green Building ( LEED )

Air-Tec is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is committed to the promotion and development of sustainable green building. We are continually educating and training our employees to offer building owners and operators the ability to transform the design and installation of their HVAC systems. This is our dedication to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible and financially profitable.

The operation of a clean and efficient HVAC system begins with pristine materials and a clean construction site. All duct openings are sealed immediately after fabrication and the items are never stored directly on the ground. This prevents dirt, water, and other debris from entering the air distribution system prior to installation.
Duct Installation


During installation, duct openings and vents remain sealed in order to maintain the desired level of cleanliness throughout the project. Once the system is ready for initial start-up procedures, the coverings are removed so that all components can be flushed and tested for efficiency.
Sealed Openings