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Design Build

Our proficiency brings your project to completion from the basic design phase. Knowing that you have an experienced team of professionals who stand by their work and offer the warranty to prove it.

Air-Tec has long been at the cutting edge of the design build technology of HVAC systems. One of the first companies to switch to CAD and CAM, we have honed this skill and it shows in our designs, fabrications and installations. Our ability to take a space and design the HVAC system with all the considerations accounted for assure that you will have a project designed with time, money and efficiency in mind.

Our engineering department has a reputation for producing the highest quality prints. We pride ourselves on accurate and clear prints that are easy to read. Our day, evening and weekend shifts offer us the flexibility to meet deadlines knowing that time is of the essence.

Once designed, we will utilize our Computer Aided System to download your project materials directly to our fabricating shop - that will then begin producing the items necessary for the installation.


Offering you a one-of-a-kind service on our "Prints and Plans" secure blueprint archive. Providing access to hundreds of architectural blueprints and building plans online, this password-protected section of our site enables our clients to retrieve any document they need with a simple request.

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